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Shipping Containers

Want a unique shipping container space?

Why Containers?

We customize and fabricate innovative permanent and temporary modular shipping container spaces. Our containers (Plug-In-PodsTM) are used to create affordable supportive and workforce housing, market-rate housing, restaurants, small business retail and commercial spaces, portable classrooms and medical clinics, pop-up event spaces, hospitality structures, portable marketing event spaces, portable community meeting rooms and container malls. We love modular structures because they are sustainable, and they fit between existing structures and on small land parcels. Like Legos our Pods are stackable, and they also require less material and build time than standard construction methods.


We pride ourselves on quality work and client engagement! Our team of locally-trained refugees, LGBTQ, military veteran tradesmen and tradeswomen, and minority-owned architecture, general construction and engineering firms, help us design + engineer + build + deploy our highly customized ‘eco-friendly’ Pods.


We are a one-stop shop for your Pod needs. Our streamlined ‘in-house’ process provides a quality and thoughtful turnkey modular solution for every client.



Below are highlights of our current container projects in metro Atlanta, Georgia. Our Pods are highly versatile and we can customize them for any use. Costs depend on level of customization and local permit fees.

*Other projects include (not shown): Pittsburgh Yards Community Pods (Southside Atlanta Beltline Trail) Through our nonprofit ReJuve Corp we customized two 40ft containers as temporary storage space and affordable community meeting space for the future $30 million, 30-acre mixed-use development in Southwest Atlanta.

Residential Pod- Our modified micro-home works great as an affordable 1BR/1BA 320sf accessory dwelling unit. Cost: $56K

Office Pod- Our ‘side x side’ container office supports small businesses in 620sf with two containers welded together. Cost: $83k

Multifamily Pod- Our ‘4Plex’ container is a stackable-affordable four micro-unit home with a shared foyer. Each unit has a kitchen. Cost: $220k


  • What are the measurements?

    We typically customize standard 20ft (8’x20’) or 40ft (8’x40’) dry freight containers. The 20ft containers are 8’6” tall while the 40ft containers are 9’6” tall.

  • Can I put a Pod in my backyard?

    Yes! In fact our social impact mission is to partner with more homeowners to build accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as affordable housing solutions. Our Pods also serve as backyard micro-office space, cabanas and even pools. We guide property owners through permitting so that we comply with local zoning and building regulations.

  • Can you connect the Pods to utilities?

    Of course! Our Pods can be connected to water, sewer and electricity.

  • Are Pods temporary?

    They can be temporary or permanent. For temporary installations our Pods are bolted to a concrete foundation and relocated at a later date.

  • How high can you build the Pods?

    Our Pods are designed to stack eight high. Pod construction above eight stories requires more structural engineering. We can also place and weld Pods side-by-side to create larger floorplans.

  • Can you customize the exterior?

    Yes! Your Pod is your branding. We can add architectural paneling, various paint colors, finishes and other facade treatments that meet our client’s design.

  • Aren’t Pods very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter?

    This is a huge misconception about our Pods. Like standard construction we use code compliant insulation, and Pods are heated and air conditioned.

  • What do your Pods cost?

    Costs reflect the project scope. We work closely with our clients to determine a creative, budget-friendly customization.

  • What are shipping containers made of?

    Shipping containers are made of Cor-Ten steel.

  • Can your team help me place a Pod on our site?

    Yes! We are also landscape architects and can help clients conceptualize where to place the Pod(s) on their property. We can help redesign small lots and masterplan larger sites. Our team has over 20 years experience in landscape architecture and urban design. Visit our “About Us” page.