A purpose-built design firm.

We Are Mākhers.

Developers. Designers. Builders. Strategists.

About Us.

Mākher (we pronounce it as ‘maker’) is the Yiddish word for maker, a dynamic connector who makes things happen. We're visionaries that develop bold ideas for long-term value.

Our team and design-build-engineering partners have over 30 years experience in shipping container design, project management, construction management, landscape architecture, real estate financing, project management, structural engineering, urban design and community engagement.

Our company is a minority and woman-owned firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We support the hiring of women and refugees in trades. To learn more about our CEO click here.

Our Mission.

To serve underserved communities by designing and deploying quality affordable space solutions for housing, neighborhood enterprises and public services where residents can thrive and lead equitable community revitalization.

Our Approach.

We balance rigorous engagement strategies with innovative construction techniques that allow us to quickly build and deliver quality services. In addition to building inclusive communities for all, we are dedicated to designing spaces that dignify, respect and inspire citizen-led systematic change.

Our Nonprofit.

ReJuve Corp. is our nonprofit and we provide thought leadership on inclusive design, equitable development strategies, and social impact programming. To learn more about ReJuve click here.

CLARB License: NC, GA (pending)

National Development Council: Real Estate and Economic Development Financing Certification